Mastering the foundations of our future

Completed at the start of 2020, the new Patek Philippe production building in Geneva allows the company to unite all of its ateliers under one roof, in order to streamline the growing complexities of its production operations for a new era of independent watch manufacturing. In this video, Thierry Stern explains the Stern's decision to expand Patek Philippe’s capabilities for the future.

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Based in Plan-les-Ouates to reaffirm Philippe and Thierry Stern's attachment to Geneva, the building boasts a Research & Development, new technologies and an haute horlogerie departments as well as a new unit for prototyping operations – all part of Patek Philippe’s long-term strategy to secure the success of its family-owned manufacture and to preserve its independence for coming generations.

Family Picture of the Patek

Spanning 10 floors and a length of nearly 200 meters, the new base offers ample space for Patek Philippe’s experts and professional workers to complete their rare handcrafted timepieces, as well offering a dedicated site for basic and advanced training of its employees. The new building expands upon the company’s original building complex, and will help it anticipate the company’s manufacturing capabilities for the next 20 to 30 years.